400 Tactical Helicopter Squadron

As a 1 Wing Squadron, 400 Tactical Helicopter Squadron (THS) is a lodger unit of Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Borden. Equipped with CH-146 Griffons, its mission can be divided into pre and post mobilization segments.

During peacetime, the squadron fills 1 Wing commitments by providing operational and training support to Land Force Central Area (LFCA), defence of national sovereignty, support to national taskings, support to peacekeeping operations, and secondary search and rescue and MAJAID.

In the unlikely event that the nation mobilizes, 400 THS will deploy all of its aviation assets, including support equipment, to augment 427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron in Petawawa. Those personnel remaining behind will form the core of a forces generation unit.

400 THS has an establishment of 237 personnel divided into 6 flights: Three Flying Flights, a Maintenance Flight, an Administrative Support Flight, and Squadron Headquarters. Headquarters Flight is a conglomeration of the Orderly Room, Finance Section, Medical Section and the 400 Squadron Pipes and Drums Band.


The complete squadron history is available on the National Defence, Directorate of History and Heritage website.


Contact Information

400 Tactical Helicopter Squadron
Canadian Forces Base Borden
PO Box 1000 Stn Main
Borden ON  L0M 1C0

squadron badge

Percussuri Vigiles
(On the watch to strike)

Significance: The eagle's head indicates the squadron's former role as a reconnaissance unit on army cooperation work; the tomahawks indicate the type of aircraft with which it was once equipped.