RCAF Journal - WINTER 2021 - Volume 10, Issue 1

In this Issue:

  • Editor's Message
    Maj Derrek Williamson, CD, P.Log
  • Evolving Threats and Emerging Technologies: Requirements for NORAD Modernization in a Multipolar Geopolitical Environment
    Captain Nevin McFarlane
  • The Hump from Spain to Berlin: Strategic Development of American Military Airlift, 1936–1949
    Lieutenant-Colonel James Pierotti, CD, MA
  • Tactical Aviation within the Future Fight
    Major Greg Zweng, CD

Points of Interests

  • A Bird’s Eye View of Logistics in Lebanon
    Major Michael Duong

Book Reviews

  • New Directions in the Study of China’s Foreign Policy By Alastair Iain Johnston and Robert S. Ross
    Captain Hani M. Mustafa

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