Air Reserve Flight Torbay

Air Reserve Flight Torbay (ARF Torbay) is an all reserve flight with approximately 52 members and is located in historic St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada. The unit is comprised of 2 sections; the Headquarters and support personnel and the Transient Servicing Section. Its mandates are:

  • to provide service and support to Royal Canadian Air Force and NATO aircraft and crews transiting through St. John’s International Airport,
  • to heighten Royal Canadian Air Force visibility in the local area, and

Maintain a cadre of fully trained, highly skilled members capable of augmenting day to day operations and deployments.

Transient Servicing Section (TSS)

The Units Transient Servicing (TSS) Section provides service and support to all Royal Canadian Air Force aircraft as well as NATO Aircraft when requested. The unit is located at the St. John’s International Airport in the General Service Building, East of Runway 02/20 (same hangar as the Canadian Coast Guard and Woodward’s Aviation). The TSS personnel will be able to assist you with the majority, if not all of your operational needs and requirements during your stay in St. John’s and is comprised of qualified aircraft technicians each with a vast knowledge of both Royal Canadian Air Force and NATO aircraft. The unit Aircraft Maintenance Support Equipment (AMSE) is maintained by a qualified maintenance technician and is comprised of equipment you would expect at a Royal Canadian Air Force Wing. While we are not a fuel provider, we can coordinate with your selected provider to help arrange your fuelling needs. If in the event you stay is extended or you require hangar space for repairs, weather etc we can assist you with obtaining space from commercial sources.

Request our Services

To request our services please use the contact information provided, or through your fuel services provider. We are here to assist you with your servicing needs.

Services Available

  • Marshalling
  • Starts & Parks
  • Ground Power (AC/DC)
  • Air Start Unit
  • Maintenance Stands
  • Lighting Units
  • Gaseous Oxygen
  • Nitrogen
  • Secure Storage
  • Photo copy services
  • Internet access
  • DIN access
  • Transportation for aircrews to/from accommodations
  • Phone services (Local, Long Distance, Fax services)
  • Flight Planning/Crew Lounge area
  • Coordination of services between all Flight Line Fuel Providers

The Canadian Forces has entered into reciprocal cross servicing agreements with members of NATO for logistic support to visiting military aircraft and crews. In accordance with Canadian Forces Administration Order (CFAO) 223-1 and NATO Standardization Agreement (STANAG) 3113 services provided by ARF Torbay to visiting NATO Aircraft and crews are at no cost.

Aircraft Maintenance Support Equipment (AMSE)

The unit currently owns and maintains the following AMSE equipment:

  • 2 X60KVA Stewart Stevenson 120 VAC 3Ph 400hz
  • 28 Volt DC Generator
  • Combined Start Unit (Air Electric Start)
  • 2 X Maintenance Stand - Large
  • Maintenance Stand – Small
  • 2 X Portable Lighting Units
  • Sky Jack
  • Nitrogen Cart
  • O2 Cart (Gaseous only)
  • Tow Bars:
    • C130
    • P3
    • Sea King
    • Cormorant (EH101)
    • Challenger (C144)
    • Universal – Small
    • Universal – Large
  • A/C Tow Tractors:
    • D14
    • D10
  • Hangar storage for spares, U/S items, MRP etc (currently the unit has no hangar storage for aircraft, however can assist with coordinating with civilian agencies if needed)
  • 7 Pax Van and 5 Pax Truck for aircrew transportation to/from accommodations

Flight Planning and Crew Briefings

Unit is equipped with a flight planning and briefing room with a conference table for Air Crew use. Phone service (local and long distance), fax and internet connection is available with printing capability. A 52 in screen TV connected to multimedia is available for crew briefings. A large fridge is available for storage of flight meals if needed.

Meteorology information

St. John’s International Airport information

Fuel Service Providers

The general aviation area of the airport is serviced by Fixed Based Operators (FBOs). These fuel providers provide superior customer service in taking care of the needs of their clients, including arranging for transportation, booking hotels and providing in-flight meals. These three FBOs located at St. John’s Airport International Airport are:

  • Irving Aviation Tel.: +1-709-758-3200
  • Woodward Avitation Tel.: +1-709-579-3776
  • Torbay Aeroservices Inc.(Shell) Tel: +1-709-576-1282
  • Unit Head Quarters and Support Personnel

Unit Headquarters

Headquarters is located in Building 310, 2nd floor (located on Canadian Forces Station St. John’s (across from the Recreation and Fitness facility) and provides all administration and financial support for the units personnel. The headquarters contains the offices of the following:

  • Flight Commander
  • Unit Master Warrant Officer
  • Special Projects Officer
  • Recruiting and Training Warrant Officer
  • Chief Clerk, and
  • Unit Orderly Room

Support Personnel

Air Reserve Flight Torbay maintains a cadre of fully trained, highly skilled members capable of augmenting day to day Canadian Forces Operations as well as domestic and international deployments.To ensure our members remain current in their Military Occupation Codes and to hone their speciality skills, these members are employed within the unit and Canadian Forces Station St. John’s many filling key positions.Current Support trades within Air Reserve Flight Torbay are:

  • Military Police
  • Mobile Support Equipment operator
  • Resource Management Support Clerk
  • Vehicle Technician
  • Supply Technician
  • Traffic Technician
  • Aerospace Telecommunication & Information Systems Technician

Our Contact Details


Orderly Room: 709-570-4726/4727
Recruiting and Training: 709-570-4744
Fax number: 709-570-4920

Transient Servicing Section

Hanger Floor: 709-570-4791
Hanger Floor (Cell): 709-685-0243
Technical Warrant Officer: 709-570-4741
Operations Officer: 709-570-4733
Hanger Fax Number: 709-570-4981
Unicom Radio Frequency: 131.025
Unit Callsign: Air Reserve Torbay

Air Reserve Flight Torbay
P.O. Box 2028
St. John’s, NL A1C 6B5

Hours of Operation


0730 hrs – 1630 hrs Monday to Friday

Transient Servicing Section

0800 hrs – 2200 Hrs 365 Days/year.

Service is available outside scheduled hours with prior coordination.