8 Air Reserve Flight

The 8 Air Reserve Flight (8 AR Flt) has been a part of 8 Wing/Canadian Forces Base Trenton since 1976.

The Flight has a Primary Reserve establishment of three full-time and eight part-time personnel. The 8 AR Flt is comprised of aircrew, support, and clerical staff who augment most sections and all squadrons at 8 Wing. Since the majority of 8 AR Flt personnel have Regular Force experience, they are able to merge into their units' operations with no additional training.

Units can generally expect the part-time reservist to work an average of eight days per month. The purpose of this work is to train the reservist for potential national emergencies. In reality, because most reservists are already trained, it is the sections who benefit from the expertise and the extra person days of work provided by the reservist.

Another function of the 8 AR Flt office is to interview and process members for the Supplementary Ready Reserve (SRR). Approximately 400 SRR members are processed each year by 8 AR Flt Trenton.

The 8 AR Flt office is open during normal working hours. Opportunities to join the Air Reserves are not restricted to former members of the Regular Force. Aircrew positions are, however, allocated to those with previous experience.

Recent initiatives within wing adminstration have seen the creation of a cell dedicated to the provision of financial support to 8 Wing flying operations and the assignment of finance personnel to past and present deployed operations (such as the UNHCR Airlift from Ancona, Italy).

Our Contact Details

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