2 Air Movements Squadron

2 Air Movements Squadron (2 Air Mov Sqn), a component of 1 Canadian Air Division (1 CAD) and an Integral Squadron of 8 Wing, was established in 1951 to provide trained, experienced personnel to support Wing flying operations as well as airlift activity on deployed operations "Anywhere In The World".

The Squadron operates from 1 and 2 Hangars and the passenger terminal at 8 Wing, and is responsible for processing all airlift traffic including passengers, freight, baggage and mail which may be originating, staging through or terminating at our Wing.

Recent statistics indicate an average of 23 million pounds of freight and 42,000 passengers are processed through 2 Air Movements Squadron annually.

In addition to the constant and large administrative airlift support at 8 Wing, 2 Air Mov Sqn maintains an operational capability with four, 10 person Mobile Air Movements Sections (MAMS). Deployments in Canada and abroad serve to fine tune our teams in preparation for any contingencies or wartime operations.

Members of 2 AMS are proud of their motto "Nunquam non Paratus" (Never Unprepared).