• 2012-11-23
    Barbara Dunn, Aviation Leadership Forum
    "Sgt Knubley’s presentation on Search and Rescue was excellent. The audience was keen to listen and learn and he did not disappoint!"
  • 2012-11-23
    Julie Trudel, Knoxdale Public School
    "Captain Nick shared an interactive, interesting, and anecdotal presentation with the grade 1 students. They were very interested, and hung on to his every word."
  • 2012-08-10
    Peter Pigott, Professor, Algonquin College
    "You have no idea how much the students and I appreciated your presentation yesterday.  They were in awe of you—not only because of your career, but how you brought it to their level— talking about your family’s farming background, your experience in ethical situations encountered, Laval university, Brazil ... but most of all, the pride you have as a member of the RCAF."
  • 2011-06-02
    883 Wing (Kelowna) RCAF Wing
    "Your speaker provided an excellent update on Air Force operations in both Afghanistan and Haiti. The use of high quality visual aids helped to make this a memorable experience."
  • 2011-06-02
    Canadian Club of Calgary
    "Your speaker had everyone enthralled with his talk on the history of Canada’s Air Force."
  • 2011-05-31
    Aviation Leadership Forum, Vancouver Chapter
    "The presentation from the Air Force was impressive. What a great presenceto have in the room!"
  • 2011-05-31
    Vancouver Community College
    "Your speaker’s insight and sometimes-humorous talk was an inspiration. We would be happy to have a speaker from the Air Force again."
  • 2010-12-30
    Dr. Ivaylo Grouev, Profesor, University of Ottawa
    "It was a real pleasure to have Major Cooper and Major Lavoie in my political science class. They kept the students engaged and delivered very informative presentations on the work the Canadian Forces is doing in Afghanistan."
  • 2010-12-30
    Jean McManus, Teacher, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board
    "Captain Ashton was an amazing speaker.  She captured her audience from the moment she walked into the class.  My students thoroughly enjoyed her presentation and the ‘hands on approach’."
  • 2009-08-14
    Cathleen Schmidt, Coordinator, World Student Issues Forum, Carleton University, Ottawa
    “The students enjoyed hearing from MWO Asselin regarding his experiences in Afghanistan,”
  • 2009-08-14
    Martha Koehn, Vice-Principal, Danforth Collegiate, Toronto
    “You could hear a pin drop during Capt Phillip’s presentation on Afghanistan … and he was speaking to 1200 high school students!”
  • 2009-08-14
    Teara Fraser, President, Women in Aviation, Vancouver Chapter
    “WOW, Capt Sprathoff’s presentation was impressive. What a great presence to have in the room!”
  • 2009-08-14
    Marlene Montagne, President, Canadian Club of Calgary
    “Brigadier-General Cloutier had everyone enthralled with his talk on the Centennial of Flight.”
  • 2009-08-14
    John Boore, President, Newmarket Probus Club
    “We get a speaker in once a week and MWO Lee was the best speaker we’ve had in 15 years!”
  • 2008-07-08
    Anick Belleau, Innovateurs à l'école et à la bibliothèque
    "Students who heard Cpl Maxime St-Pierre's presentation last year are still talking about it."
  • 2008-05-12
    Carolyn Foard, Manager Education and Interpretation, Military Museums
    "Captain Dhilllon's enthusiasm regarding his work makes him a natural for facilitating school and youth programs.  He provides an outstanding example for young people about the professionalism of Canada's military."
  • 2008-02-13
    Gene Lake, RUSI Victoria
    "The RUSI enjoyed the presentation from Don MacNamara. He is informed, erudite and urbane - a very accomplished speaker."
  • 2008-02-07
    Diane Sagle, Cambrian College
    "The students thoroughly enjoyed Capt McGrath's presentation. She is very charismatic and inspirational. We hope we hear from her again!"
  • 2008-02-05
    Vancouver Community College
    "Major Brasseur's insight and sometimes-humorous talk was an inspiration. She does a great job in promoting women in the military."
  • 2008-02-05
    J. Smith, Director, Museum of Civilization Canada
    "The Museum was delighted to have a CF-18 pilot speak at the opening of our IMAX Fighter Pilot presentation."