Wind Ensemble

The RCAF Band Wind Ensemble is a 35 piece group led by RCAF Band Commanding Officer, Captain Matthew Clark. Re-introduced in 2016, the group performs a wide range of styles, from classical and jazz, to pop and contemporary. The complex sounds and colours produced by this ensemble creates an audience experience unlike any other.

The Wind Ensemble is perfect for introducing youth to the joys of music making through educational concerts and can also bring your favourite movie soundtracks to life live on stage.

Jet Stream

Jet Stream, from the Royal Canadian Air Force Band

Jet Stream is an internationally renowned 12 piece show band. This tour-de-force does it all… Rock, Pop, Country, R&B, Funk and Disco. With a diverse repertoire of classic and recent smash-hits by superstar recording artists, Jet Stream appeals to audiences of all ages and events and can provide musical support for all types of military and government functions, schools, and community events.

Jet Stream has travelled as far east as Busan, South Korea, for the 60th Anniversary of the Liberation of Seoul, south to Las Vegas for the Las Vegas International Tattoo and as far north as Iqaluit, showcasing their contemporary and cutting edge approach while carrying on the important history and tradition of music in Canada’s Armed Forces.

In 2011, Jet Stream debuted their Made in Canada show, featuring songs by well-known Canadian recording artists from across Canada. This show continues to be a huge hit with audiences, especially during the yearly Canada Day celebrations and when the band travels internationally representing Canada and the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Since Made in Canada, this dynamic group has continued to create innovating and engaging performances, delighting listeners and showcasing the skill, professionalism and teamwork espoused by members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Brass Ensemble

The RCAF Brass Ensemble consists of fourteen trumpet, horn, trombone and tuba players. Led by Captain Matthew Clark, the group performs intricate and colourful selections drawn from orchestral and operatic repertoire as well as contemporary music rearranged to make use of the immense range of timbres which can only be produced by a large brass group. On special occasions, the addition of percussion to the ensemble creates an awe-inspiring sound which will fill any room with an air of regal prestige.

Dixieland Band

The Dixieland Band performs at the Forks for an RCAF Run promotional event.

The RCAF Dixieland Band captures the old-school tradition and excitement created in New Orleans a century ago. This 6 piece ensemble ignites audiences with energetic performances of recognizable tunes featuring saxophone, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, banjo and a solid drum beat. The mobility and flexibility of their 'unplugged' instruments allows them to move about at any venue, literally taking their music to the people and surrounding them with up-beat, boisterous Dixieland standards.

Spitfire Kings

Spitfire Kings in concert in Kuwait

Drawing from a huge repertoire of Classic Rock, Blues and R&B, The Spitfire Kings continue to impress audiences with their polished and fiery performances.

Reflecting the musical tastes of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members and Canadians of all ages, the Spitfire Kings have performed for deployed personnel in Alert and Kuwait.

This 6 piece band has rocked high profile events like 2015 The Grey Cup and recently brought an enthusiastic crowd of 33,000 to its feet at the 2016 Heritage Classic at Investors Group Field in Winnipeg.

Command Brass

Command Brass, from the Royal Canadian Air Force Band

Command Brass is the brass quintet of the Royal Canadian Air Force Band. The ensemble consists of two trumpets, french horn, trombone and tuba and performs a wide range of musical styles and caters to almost every type of musical audience imaginable. Command Brass supports a variety of formal functions across the continent. They are a favorite at receptions, formal dinners and VIP functions. Although the ensemble has a large repertoire of well-known classical pieces that showcase their technical prowess they also demonstrate great versatility, performing a wide array of jazz and contemporary music selections.

Clarinet Quartet

The Clarinet Quartet

The Clarinet Quartet is comprised of three Bb Clarinets and one Bass Clarinet. This group performs a variety of music ranging from classical to jazz, swing, ragtime, popular and contemporary music. The Clarinet Quartet is perfect for providing ambience music during receptions, official functions, formal dinners and various indoor and outdoor events.

Mach 4

Mach 4 is a vocal based jazz/pop crossover group. The greatest chart topping hits from the last 50 years take on a new life as they are re-arranged, re-harmonized, and re-imagined. This ensemble is perfect for mess dinners, small formal event, receptions, or even as a featured group.


Corporal Langridge performs at Fortissimo in Ottawa


Buglers perform for solemn ceremonial events such as Remembrance Day, memorial services and funerals. The RCAF Band has a limited number of buglers and demand is very high during Remembrance Day season; if you would like a bugler from the RCAF Band to support your event, we recommend submitting your request as early as possible.


The RCAF Band currently has both male and female singers. Their role as individuals in ceremonies is usually restricted to singing national anthems. For special events, typically involving representatives of the Queen or government dignitaries from Canada or abroad, both vocalists may be available.