Our People

The men and women of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and their civilian colleagues are the RCAF’s greatest strength, the heart of the institution and the foundation upon which the RCAF’s future is built. They are extraordinary and professional, capable of accomplishing great things, setting standards of quality that are respected around the world. Day after day, night after night they contribute directly and indirectly to the delivery of air and space power for our nation.

Our airmen and airwomen are guided and inspired by the achievements of those who have served in the Air Force throughout its history.

Here are some of their stories.

CFS Alert welcomes first female station warrant officer

Last month, Master Warrant Officer Renee Hansen was appointed station warrant officer at Canadian Forces Station Alert, Nunavut, becoming the first woman to hold this position since Alert’s inception in the early 1950s.
January 31, 2018

A large yellow helicopter hovers in sunshine just above the sea in front of a small vessel, with low-lying land in the background.

Watching the waves with the Canadian Coast Guard

“Boat Camp”, held in and off the coast of Prince Edward Island, refreshes search and rescue training for 413 Transport and Rescue Squadron CH-149 Cormorant helicopter crews.
January 29, 2018

Four people dressed in green or black military uniforms stand or kneel behind two large clear plastic bags of apples.

Apples north!

During a recent regularly-scheduled northern patrol, CP-140 Aurora crew members brought a special treat for students in Iqaluit: fresh Annapolis Valley apples.
January 29, 2018

Two men in olive green uniforms sit at computer stations while a third man, wearing a similar uniform and holding some paper, points toward one of the screens.

New training system at 402 Squadron re-vamps airborne electronic sensor operator courses

402 Squadron’s new Procedural Crew Trainer covers 97% of the airborne electronic sensor operator requirements, makes training more efficient, and reduces training burden and time at operational training units. 
January 25, 2018

Two aircraft fly side by side over a craggy desert landscape.

What does it take to become an RCAF fighter pilot?

It takes dedication and hard work to become an RCAF fighter pilot. Here’s an overview of the training.
January 23, 2018

Five people, in various military uniforms stand with a door behind them. Two of them use scissors to cut a ribbon strung between two metal posts in front of them.

New “collaboration room” named after Battle of Britain mechanic

A new “collaboration room” at the RCAF’s school of aerospace engineering and technology provides an innovative approach to collaboration, teamwork and learning.
July 5, 2018

Leading Aircraftman Stan Rivers (on the wing) and Leading Aircraftman Ken Allenby of 402 “Bear” Squadron, paint D-Day markings on an Allied aircraft.

Operation Overlord: D-Day Remembered

Royal Canadian Air Force squadrons had already been involved for several months in bombing key enemy targets in the invasion area. Now, RCAF squadrons were among 171 Allied squadrons that attacked on D-Day—June 6, 1944.
June 6, 2018

A man, woman and child look at items laid out on a table covered in a tartan tablecloth

Lost Canadian Banshee pilot remembered in Ottawa

More than 60 years ago, Lieutenant Barry Troy disappeared when his Banshee fighter jet crashed off the coast of Florida. On April 27, 2018, members of the Troy family gathered with personnel from the Royal Canadian Air Force and Royal Canadian Navy to pay tribute to his memory.
June 1, 2018

Side-by-side photos of a man. On the left, in black and white, he is young, wearing a flight suit and helmet; on the right, in colour, he is older, wearing an open-necked civilian shirt.

Colonel Ralph Hamilton Annis, January 11, 1931 – May 14, 2018

Colonel Ralph Annis will be laid to rest on Saturday, June 2, 2018.
May 28, 2018

Hundreds of uniformed people arrange themselves on tarmac to form the words “LOGGIE-FIVE-0”

Retired supply technician has huge effect on Logistics Branch 50th anniversary

Some 350 Canadian Armed Forces logisticians gather for a photo to mark the 50th anniversary of the Canadian Forces Logistics Branch.
May 25, 2018

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