Our People

The men and women of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and their civilian colleagues are the RCAF’s greatest strength, the heart of the institution and the foundation upon which the RCAF’s future is built. They are extraordinary and professional, capable of accomplishing great things, setting standards of quality that are respected around the world. Day after day, night after night they contribute directly and indirectly to the delivery of air and space power for our nation.

Our airmen and airwomen are guided and inspired by the achievements of those who have served in the Air Force throughout its history.

Here are some of their stories.

Three men in military uniforms, with medals on their tunics, sit behind a table outdoors with documents in folders in front of them.

Change of command highlights 2 Canadian Air Division accomplishments

Brigadier-General Mario Leblanc took command of 2 Canadian Air Division from Brigadier-General Dave Cochrane in early August 2018.
September 4, 2018

A man wearing a military uniform stands in front of a large military aircraft.

Captain Nathan Cosman hunts submarines during RIMPAC

Captain Nathan Cosman, from Kentville, Nova Scotia, is an air combat systems officer (ACSO), working as the tactical coordinator for the CP-140 Aurora. He was part of the Aurora’s anti-submarine warfare work that was a critical component of the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) Exercise 2018—the world’s largest maritime exercise—held this year from June 27 to August 2, 2018. As an ACSO, Captain Cosman plans, coordinates and directs the missions of aircraft and crew. He manages the operation of sophisticated sensors and electronic warfare equipment, as well as the systems for communications, weapon delivery, and precision tactical navigation.
August 29, 2018

A man holds a flag.

RCAF traffic tech perseveres through injury to carry Logistics Branch 50th Anniversary Flag

A Royal Canadian Air Force traffic technician, based in Wainwright, Alberta, was injured during the during the physically demanding and aptly named “Canadian Death Race” in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains on August, 4, 2018. But Corporal Kane Edmonstone refused to quit because he was carrying a truly valued possession of the Logistics Branch: the 50th Anniversary Flag and Pennant.
August 28, 2018

A group photo during the Royal Canadian Air Force Reserve Basic Military Qualification Course 0283.

Grad parade held for Air Reserve Basic Military Qualification Course

Twenty candidates began—and graduated from—the Royal Canadian Air Force Reserve Basic Military Qualification course held from May 31 to August 10, 2018, at Camp Aldershot in Nova Scotia.
August 24, 2018

Alt text: Two women in military uniforms

Fire team partners forever

Fire team partners (FTPs) work together to achieve their training goals and watch each others’ backs. Two recent graduates from the RCAF’s reserve basic military qualification course talk about the lasting bond they formed as FTPs.
August 22, 2018

A large aircraft

A bouncing bomb at Nanton, Alberta

As part of the Bomber Command Museum of Canada’s commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Dambusters raid, the museum created a replica of the famed “bouncing bomb” and mounted it on their Lancaster, which is painted in the markings of a Dambusters Lancaster for the anniversary year.
October 17, 2018

A group of men stand in two rows in front of a stone fireplace. Several hold a large banner reading “50 Year Reunion”.

Reunion of 1968 pilot grads

Twenty-eight graduates of a 1968 RCAF pilot course got together in September 2018 in Esquimalt, British Columbia, to mark the 50th anniversary of the start of their Canadian Armed Forces careers
October 10, 2018

Three men.

Battle of Britain veteran marks 100th birthday

Flying Officer (retired) Ralph Wild was an instrument repair technician during the Battle of Britain. On September 27, 2018, he turned 100 and among those who sent him birthday wishes was the commander of the RCAF.
October 3, 2018

A vintage drop-wing single-engine aircraft flies in front of trees, with a flag in the foreground.

Heroes of the Battle of Britain remembered

The 78th anniversary of the Battle of Britain was marked on September 16, 2018, with a national ceremony in Gatineau, Québec.
October 1, 2018

A group of 20 men and women wearing civilian clothes stand behinds behind two grave stones, in front of which are four remembrance wreaths decorated with poppies.

Second World War RCAF officer recognized for wartime sacrifices

In 1945, Wing Commander Byron Rawson took his own life. His death has now been recognized as related to post-traumatic stress disorder, arising his Second World War service, and thus a Commonwealth War Graves Commission gravestone has been placed on his grave in Hamilton, Ontario.
September 25, 2018

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