In a vintage black and white photo, four people in military uniforms are seated on a motorcycle or in its sidecar in front of a large aircraft.

The “Lion” evolved: The story of 427 Squadron

427 “Lion” Squadron has a distinguished history of aviation excellence from flying the Wellington bomber to currently flying the Griffon helicopter in support of Canadian special operations personnel. 

People in green or disruptive pattern uniforms stand on tarmac so as to spell out “75”. Behind are two helicopters, 13 people holding a blue and white flag, and a blue and white gyrfalcon’s head badge.

430 Squadron celebrates 75 years

430 Tactical Helicopter Squadron celebrated its 75th anniversary on January 1, 2018.

A person wearing a reflective vest and standing in moonlight on a runway holds a tall stick with something mushroom-shaped, with small reflective flags, on top.

Survey says – Opportunities in the new drafting and survey technician occupation

The Royal Canadian Air Force and the Canadian Army have a high-tech job that might interest you! Drafting and survey technicians use high-tech computer workstations and software designed for drafting and survey applications.

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