We remember them

News Article / November 6, 2017

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By Ruthanne Urquhart

Remembrance Day, November 11, is the one day in each year when Canadians and citizens of allied nations around the world stop in shared remembrance of forebears who went to war with the hope that we, their descendants, would never have to.

It was a vain hope. We are not a peaceful species. We wear our national, our racial, our historical hearts on our sleeve. When any one of those is knocked off by anyone, for any reason, we are quick to react.

The peace following the Great War lasted only 21 years. When that peace was shattered, the Great War, the “war to end all wars”, became the First World War. And, since the Second World War, many “smaller” wars and “peace actions” and revolutions have been waged, are being waged today.

Being what we are, the world being what it is, the best we can do is pledge to do better.

That’s what Remembrance Day offers us: A national, official moment to thank the sailors and soldiers, the airmen and airwomen who went to battle before us, for us, and who battle for us today. A day set aside to thank those still among us, and to honour the courage and mourn the deaths of those whom war, or time, has taken from us. A pittance of time in which to renew our pledge to do better for those who will follow us.

Here is a sampling of images of Remembrance Day and remembrance through the years, in Canada and around the world.

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