Flight Safety


Designed to symbolize the two functions of Flight Safety:

  • aircraft accident prevention – white, and
  • accident investigation – black;
    and how these two functions interrelate and overlap to support and facilitate our primary objective:


Contact Details

Director Flight Safety
National Defence Headquarters
MGen George R. Pearkes Bldg
101 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1A OK2

E-mail: mailto:dfs.dsv@forces.gc.ca

Fax: 613-971-7087

Aviation accidents and incidents have the potential to cause the loss of lives and of valuable resources. It is therefore important to investigate such Flight Safety (FS) occurrences with the objective of quickly identifying effective measures that will either prevent or reduce the risk of similar occurrences.

Within DND, the Director of Flight Safety is appointed as the Airworthiness Investigative Authority (AIA), and is charged with investigating all matters concerning aviation safety (independently of the chain of command). The powers of the Airworthiness Investigative Authority are delegated from the Minister of National Defence, pursuant to the Aeronautics Act. The Chief of the Air Force Staff is responsible for flight safety policy in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

What's New

Cessna 172 C-GAYE - From the Investigator

The accident flight was part of the Air Cadet Power Scholarship Program and flown under contract by a civilian flight training unit. The purpose of this flight was to conduct pilot training.

2016 Annual Report - Airworthiness Investigative Authority and Flight Safety Program Activities

The Annual Report Executive Summary is provided. The full version of the report is available upon request to DFS (dfs.dsv@forces.gc.ca).

CF188796 Hornet - From the Investigator

Two CF188 pilots (call signs Mig-1 and Mig-6) completed individual Maple Flag missions uneventfully in the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range and returned to base together as a two-ship formation.

Flight Comment Issue 2, 2017

Electronic copy of Flight Comment Issue 2, 2017, is available on the Director Flight Safety (DFS) Intranet site. You may also request a copy from DFS by sending an e-mail to dfs.dsv@forces.gc.ca

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