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Report / August 2, 2017 / Project number: Cessna 172 C-GAYE - B Category

Location: Sainte-Marie, QC
Date: 2017-08-02
Status: Investigation Ongoing
The accident flight was part of the Air Cadet Power Scholarship Program and flown under contract by a civilian flight training unit. The purpose of this flight was to conduct pilot training. An instructor and a cadet pilot took-off from the Saint-Frédéric aerodrome (CSZ4) and conducted IFR training prior to carrying out two forced landing exercises. The first forced landing exercise was uneventful and the aircraft was set-up for a second attempt. The instructor reduced the throttle to simulate an engine failure and the initial actions were carried out by the cadet pilot. A forced landing circuit was flown to a field with significant upslope terrain adjacent to the Chaudière River. Once it was evident the aircraft would safely reach the intended landing point, an overshoot was initiated. Full power was applied and a climb was established. The aircraft could not outclimb the rising terrain and settled on the field before impacting trees at the end.

The aircraft sustained very serious damage and both pilots received minor injuries.

The investigation did not reveal any evidence of technical issues with the aircraft and is now focusing on human factors and crew resource management. 

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