Team Members

Every year, the Air Force selects a special group of people to make up the CF-18 Demonstration Team.

These individuals are hand-picked for their superior performance and dedication to excellence. Without the hard work of each and every team member, the CF-18 Demo Hornet would never get off the ground.

CF-18 Demonstration Team pilot

Safety pilots

  • Major Patrick Pollen
  • Captain Renard Thys


  • Lieutenant Jennifer Halliwell

 3 Wing Team

  • Sergeant Francois Brisson
  • Master Corporal Serge Chevrier
  • Corporal Steeven Maltais
  • Corporal Pierre-Luc Poitras

4 Wing Team

  • Sergeant Christopher J Gilson
  • Master Corporal William M Oshanek
  • Corporal Alexandre J  Dugas
  • Corporal Adrian RFA Locke