RCAF to conduct flybys for Remembrance Day commemorations

News Release / November 9, 2018

Winnipeg – National Defence/Canadian Armed Forces

The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) will conduct flybys for several Remembrance Day commemorations across Canada on November 11. These will be carried out by aircraft from RCAF Wings throughout Canada, and will be done at various times throughout the day.

Flybys will take place in communities in:

British Columbia

  • Campbell River (CC-115 Buffalo)
  • Comox (CC-115 Buffalo)
  • Courtenay (CC-115 Buffalo)
  • Cumberland (CC-115 Buffalo),
  • Qualicum Beach (CC-115 Buffalo)
  • Kamloops (CT-155 Hawk)
  • New Westminster (CP-140 Aurora)
  • Roberts Creek (CP-140 Aurora)
  • Sidney (CH-124 Sea King)
  • Skeetchestn First Nation (CT-155 Hawk)
  • Metchosin (CH-148 Cyclone)
  • Union Bay (CH-149 Cormorant)
  • Ashcroft (CT-155 Hawk)
  • Prince George (CT-155 Hawk)
  •  Vancouver (CP-140 Aurora and CH-124 Sea King)


  • Calgary (CH-146 Griffon)
  • Edmonton (CT-155 Hawk)


  • Regina (CT-155 Hawk);


  • Haileybury (CC-130J Hercules)
  • New Liskeard (CC-130J Hercules)
  • Cobalt (CC-130J Hercules)
  • Temagami (CC-130J Hercules)
  • Latchford (CC-130J Hercules)
  • Ottawa (National War Memorial) (CF-18 Hornet)
  • Ottawa (Beechwood National Military Cemetery and Royal Canadian Legion Orléans Branch 632) (CF-18 Hornet)
  • Hamilton (CC-130H Hercules)
  • Madoc (CH-146 Griffon)


  • Montréal (CH-146 Griffon)
  • Sainte Thérèse (CT-156 Harvard II)
  • Georgeville (CT-156 Harvard II)
  • Valcartier (CH-146 Griffon)

New Brunswick

  • McAdam (CH-146 Griffon)
  • Saint Andrew (CH-146 Griffon)

Nova Scotia

  • Bridgewater (CC-130H Hercules)
  • Parkdale (CC-130H Hercules)
  • Halifax (CH-148 Cyclone)
  • New Ross (CC-130H Hercules)
  • Western Shore (CC-130H Hercules)
  • Chester (CC-130H Hercules)
  • Chester Basin (CC-130H Hercules)
  • Chelsea (CC-130H Hercules)
  • Mahone Bay (CC-130H Hercules)
  • Lunenburg (CC-130H Hercules)
  • New Germany (CC-130H Hercules)

During the flybys, the aircraft will fly at an altitude no lower than 500 feet above the highest obstacle in their path. Flybys by RCAF aircraft are carefully planned and closely controlled for public safety.


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