Maritime helicopter aircrew conversion training: The next step

News Article / September 18, 2017

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By Lieutenant Catherine Drover

On Monday, September 11, 2017, the first round of aircrew conversion training began for pilots at 406 Maritime Operational Training Squadron in 12 Wing Shearwater, Nova Scotia, in preparation for operational employment on the CH-148 Cyclone.

Personnel on pilot conversion training courses 1 and 2, consisting mostly of CH-124 Sea King-experienced airmen and airwomen, will spend the next 90 training days learning new aircraft systems and tactics while transferring their knowledge and skills from the Sea King to the Cyclone. This group of pilots will form the first operational Cyclone air detachments ready to deploy on Royal Canadian Navy ships starting the summer of 2018.

406 Squadron is responsible for all Cyclone aircrew and technician conversion training programs and have already completed a number of courses for avionics systems technicians and aviation systems technicians. Throughout the autumn, 406 Squadron will continue to increase technicians’ throughput by adding an additional iteration of the course for aviation systems technicians and introducing courses for air weapons systems technicians and aircraft structure technicians in 2018.

With two iterations of the avionics systems technician course already in-house and four for aviation systems technicians starting through the fall, 406 Squadron will be running eight courses by the winter of 2018.

This represents the next step in continuing the squadron’s mission to generate the technicians and aircrew behind the “wings for the fleet”.

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