God Jul! Norwegian Christmas greetings make their way to Yarmouth fisherman

News Article / January 10, 2018

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By Captain Jennifer Bass

God Jul is Norwegian for “Merry Christmas.”

In late 2017, Preben Olsen was out for a walk by the ocean in Andenes, a small town in northern Norway, when he found a fishing buoy – not an unusual occurrence, except that, in this case, the buoy belonged to Terry Saulnier, a fisherman from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Apparently, the buoy had traveled more than 5,200 kilometres from Nova Scotia to Norway, carried by the North Atlantic Ocean currents before being washed ashore in Andenes.

Interestingly, this not the only connection between the two places: Andenes is located close to Andøya Air Station, where Norwegian P-3 Orion surveillance aircraft are based. Andøya occasionally hosts CP-140 Aurora long-range patrol aircraft from 14 Wing Greenwood, Nova Scotia, for air shows and exercises.

Mr. Olsen took the fishing buoy into work with him, where his co-worker, Lars Framvik, found the owner using Facebook. Then, through the air station, they contacted a 14 Wing-based 415 Long Range Patrol Force Development Squadron CP-140 crew deployed in Norway, and arranged for crew member Warrant Officer Martin Fiset to take the buoy back to Nova Scotia.

Not wanting to send back just the buoy, Mr. Olsen and Mr. Framvik decorated it for Christmas, even including some Norwegian chocolate for its owner. In return, Warrant Officer Fiset gave Mr. Olsen and Mr. Framvik maple syrup from Canada.

Upon their return to Nova Scotia, with the buoy on board the CP-140 Aurora, several 415 Squadron members were excited to meet Mr. Saulnier’s wife, Tracey Saulnier, on December 11, 2017, when she picked up the buoy for the last leg of its journey home to Yarmouth, in time for Christmas.

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