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News Article / September 25, 2017

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By Aviator Jarad Inman

The annual Camp Hill Hospital visit took place August 20, 2017, at Camp Hill Veteran’s Hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Twenty 14 Wing Greenwood, Nova Scotia, military members and four Kingston, Nova Scotia, Legion Branch 098 volunteers visited with the veterans living at Camp Hill, boosting the morale of both current and former Canadian Armed Forces members.

In the past, Camp Hill residents travelled to the Kingston Legion to spend the day with other veterans; however, it has become challenging for the senior veterans to travel. This year, the visitors spent time and shared a meal with resident veterans and their families. The Legion members organized the meal while Greenwood personnel socialized with the Camp Hill veterans, and then served coffee and tea.

14 Wing’s Honorary Colonel Terry Kelly was adamant about joining in on the visit, and valued the opportunity. Honorary Colonel Kelly is a celebrated athlete and singer-songwriter and his “A Pittance of Time” has come to be “Canada’s Remembrance Day song”.

“You know, I’m blind,” he says. “When I was young, I wanted to be a flyer; I pictured myself flying. I went to the Halifax School for the Blind. We had teachers and “house parents” there, who taught us everything. I learned music there, and when I graduated my music eventually went from being a hobby to being a career. But most of all, the teachers and house parents taught us to ‘get over it’. They gave us the gift of independence.

Honorary Colonel Terry Kelly performed during the meal, and spent the visit talking with Camp Hill’s residents.

“At the school, some of the teachers and house parents, a lot of them, were military people,” he says. “They taught us things like building lean-tos and crossing a river on a rope, things we would never have had the chance to experience. And some of them are, or have been, in Camp Hill. Camp Hill kind of has a legacy of helping blind kids.”

14 Wing is looking forward to working with the Kingston Legion next year to have another successful event. Special thanks to Honorary Colonel Kelly and the members of the Kingston Legion for contributing to a great day for the veterans and their families. To the staff at Camp Hill Hospital, thank you for being such great hosts.

And to our veterans, at Camp Hill or wherever you may be, thank you for your service.

Aviator Jarad Inman serves with 14 Operations Support Squadron

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