A message from the RCAF Command Team on COVID-19

News Article / April 9, 2020

Dear members of the RCAF Team,

We want to start by thanking all of you for your collective efforts to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 spread. We know the current measures have impacted all of you and we are encouraged by your discipline and dedication to preserve RCAF capabilities – the most important of which is you and your families.

Embodying the speed, agility, and reach the RCAF strives for each and every day, we were proud to witness the 8 Wing Trenton team, supported by many operational and planning staff across the country, quickly come together to complete the important task of helping over 600 CAF members return to their home bases and cities after we suspended much of our CAF individual training. We have received, on your behalf, many kind expressions of thanks for returning members to loved ones via RCAF airlift.

In the context of on-going CAF pandemic response planning, our preparations continue to posture the RCAF to respond to requests for assistance if required. There’s no doubt that air and space power will be a critical CAF enabler within any whole of government response to the COVID-19 pandemic or Op LENTUS scenarios such as forest fires, floods, or the delivery of humanitarian aid.   

Efforts are underway to provide a large number of our Air Reservists with the option of a Class C (full-time) contract to help add valued capacity to our potential response efforts. We have declared a sizeable RCAF force package to CJOC to enable a more agile and timely response to future missions. Should the need arise, local response forces at our RCAF Wings may be generated to support additional tasks in support of these domestic operations. We are poised to respond!

Today, the RCAF Team is at a level of readiness not seen in recent memory with the vast majority of our members at home ready to answer the call on short notice. This is no small feat and it is due to the entire RCAF team – our military members, Public Service employees, and of course your families – who have shown unwavering dedication and discipline under these challenging circumstances.

For many of you, these challenges are compounded with the uncertainties surrounding planned APS 20 postings. Given current restrictions in place, MGen Frawley, RCAF Deputy Commander, has been appointed to lead a tiger-team in reviewing the posting priorities for the RCAF. We fully realize the pressures this is placing on many of you and your families and we are committed to working together to find solutions. This is a time when we are trusting the leadership of our command teams to shine. Communication through all levels of the chain of command – in both directions – is crucial; we should all remain connected both for our mission and for each other. We have full confidence that the posting plan review will be complete over the short-term and that moves will commence once the environment allows us to do so safely and effectively. Please continue to raise any issues of concern – family, financial, or others – to your command team so they may be addressed as expeditiously as possible.

As the Chief of the Defence Staff noted in his latest letter, there have been tough decisions made to cancel events that are part of our Canadian fabric. Canadians are accustomed to seeing the RCAF in their communities. While many of these public gatherings have been cancelled, we are watching closely to see what this will mean for the RCAF’s air demonstration teams. One thing is certain; we will look for ways to adapt and ensure that our presence can continue to inspire Canadians in a safe and responsible way.

As we look ahead, we will also safely plan the phased restart of our RCAF training enterprise noting that many of our school-houses are closed or running at lower capacity. Just as we need to be ready for the potential Op LASER missions ahead of us, we cannot lose sight of the need to re-initiate key activities that must resume to ensure a strong and vibrant RCAF for the future.

RCAF personnel from coast to coast are actively engaged in supporting essential tasks today. We will continue to adjust our policies and procedures to ensure a safe and healthy work environment based on evolving medical advice. For the rest of you, your place of duty is now at home and your mission is to stay fit and healthy. Look to maximize the opportunities before you – it may be working on your professional development, learning a new skill, or starting a home fitness program. Keeping your minds and bodies active will help your physical and mental health. We are aware that some of you have seen professional development or career residency courses postponed or cancelled. Rest assured that we are committed to ensuring that you will be provided a future opportunity to complete this training.    

As we approach the long weekend, we encourage you and your families to remain socially connected, but physically distanced. Your role in planking the curve and stopping the spread of COVID-19 is vital. Please continue to take care of yourselves, take care of each other, and remain ready.

Sic Itur Ad Astra


Lieutenant-General A. D. Meinzinger,
Commander RCAF

Chief Warrant Officer J. R. D. Gaudreault,
RCAF Chief Warrant Officer


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Supply Technicians ensure that all of the supplies and services necessary for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) operations are available when and where they are required. They handle a variety of items such as food, fuel, heavy machinery, spare parts, stationery and clothing.

The primary responsibilities of Supply Technicians are to:

         - Manage the purchasing, warehousing, shipping, receiving, stock control and disposal of obsolete stock and equipment

         - Receive, handle and prepare items for shipment
         - Operate military vehicles weighing up to 10 tonnes and materials-handling equipment such as forklifts
         - Process invoices and prepare shipping documents
         - Order material from internal and external sources and purchase supplies
         - Deliver supplies and provide services to operational units
         - Perform recordkeeping, stocktaking and inventory control
         - Maintain accounting and financial records
         - Process and coordinate repair and disposal functions


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