22 Wing gets into the holiday spirit with North Bay Santa Claus parade

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News Article / December 6, 2017

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By Second Lieutenant Sophie Guerin

When Mrs. Laura Whitehead, United States Air Force (USAF) spouse at 22 Wing North Bay, Ontario, came up with the idea of participating in this year’s Santa Claus parade in North Bay, Ontario, the “NORAD Tracks Santa” theme was an easy fit.

A vintage scope once used for training and two six-foot nutcracker were displayed on the slowly moving trailer. Music had everyone singing, cardboard airplanes had the family members prancing and even USAF and Canadian military personnel were dancing.

“Putting a wing float into the Santa parade was a bit natural,” Mrs. Whitehead explained.  “It was and is a wonderful way for the military members, spouses, kids and dogs to all do something together.”

Mikayela, the nine-year-old daughter of a military member posted to North Bay, thought the wing’s parade float got everyone into the holiday mood. “I think [the crowd] felt happy and… once they saw the float I think they thought ‘oh Santa is coming’. They felt the Christmas spirit, she said”

22 Wing won first place in the service and organization category as well as the best overall spirit award. Mrs. Whitehead gave a big a “thank you” to everyone involved, mentioning a list of people probably as long as Santa’s nice list.

“It took a wing to make it all happen!” she said. And in less than two weeks!

Lots of folks from 22 Wing confirmed they will be tracking Santa this year. And on top of that, Mikayela also said that she thinks she made it onto Santa’s nice list.

 If you would like to track Santa too, visit the NORAD Tracks Santa website, which launched on December 1st. And then, on December 24th, according to Mikayela, you’ll know to know “when it’s time to get to bed!”

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