2016 CF18 Demonstration Team

Video / March 17, 2017 / Project number: RCAF-Video-2017


(Camera pans along a large stretch of pavement on a bright sunny day.)

(CF-18 Demonstration Team crest appears)

(Captain Ryan Kean (the 2016 CF-18 Demonstration Pilot) and four male technicians are facing away from the camera and are walking in a line towards the 2016 CF-18 Demonstration Jet. Captain Kean is wearing a flight suit; the technicians are wearing blue t-shirts, with the CF-18 Demonstration Team crest on the back, and black shorts. All of them are wearing sunglasses.)

(Cut to in front of the group as they continue walking.)

(The technicians conduct checks on the 2016 Demonstration Jet, both inside and outside of the cockpit, as the camera moves around the side of the jet.)

(Cut to Captain Kean climbing into the Demonstration Jet using the built in ladder.)

(Once Captain Kean is seated in the cockpit, a technician folds the ladder away, into the wing of the jet.)

(Captain Kean straps into the jet while the technicians continue their check on the aircraft.)

(Camera circles the jet while Captain Kean starts up the jet while communicating with the technicians via hand signals.)

(The technicians, who are now in a line, salute Captain Kean, who returns the salute.)

(Captain Kean closes the canopy of the jet as the camera zooms in on him.)

(Cut to inside the cockpit showing Captain Kean’s face as he begins his takeoff roll with a cloudy sky in the background.)

(Captain Kean executes multiple aerobatic manoeuvers, an airfield can be seen below.)

(Cut to show the Canadian Forces Snowbirds flying in formation over farmland and a river.)

(The CF-18 Demonstration Jet appears in the distance behind the Snowbirds.)

(Camera zooms in on the CF-18 Demonstration Jet.)

(Cut to CF Snowbirds and CF-18 Demonstration Jet flying in formation over an airfield. There is smoke coming out of the tail of the Snowbird aircraft.)

(Zoom in on the CF-18 Demonstration Jet.)

(Cut to inside the CF-18 Demonstration Jet cockpit)

(Cut to the Snowbird and CF-18 Demonstration Jet formation, now flying over a city.)

(Cut to inside the CF-18 Demonstration Jet cockpit.)

(Captain Kean raises the tinted visor on his helmet and stares into the camera before lowering his visor.)

(Captain Kean flies over an airfield with a setting sun in the background)

(Captain Kean executes multiple aerobatic manoeuvers close to the ground. An airfield can be seen below.)

(Captain Kean lands as lightning can be seen in the distance behind him.)

(Fade to credits.)


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