CT-114 Tutor


CT-114 Tutor



The distinctive roar of its turbojet engine announces that the celebrated CT-114 Tutor is passing overhead. As the aircraft flown by the Snowbirds—Canada’s famed Air Demonstration team—the nimble Tutor is a Canadian Air Force icon.

The Tutor was originally procured in the mid-1960s to train student pilots. It was replaced in 2000 by the CT-156 Harvard II and CT-155 Hawk. Today, the Tutor is flown primarily by 431 Squadron’s Snowbirds. However, it is also used in aircraft testing at the Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment (AETE) in Cold Lake, Alberta.

The Tutors flown by the Snowbirds are slightly modified from the training version. In addition to show features, the modified version has a more highly-tuned engine to enhance performance during low-level aerobatic flying.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Length 9.75 m
Wingspan 11.12 m
Height 2.84 m
Weight 2,575 kg (Empty)
Power General Electric J85-CAN-40 turbo jet
Thrust Reaches 18,000 feet in less than 6 mins, can do sustained 2G turns at 25,000 feet
Speed 741 km/h (Maximum)
Service Ceiling 11,850 m
Range 648 km
Crew 2
Year(s) procured 1962
Quantity in CF 26

15 Wing Moose Jaw, SK
4 Wing Cold Lake, AL


Captain Jenn Casey

One Canadian military member killed, one injured in CF Snowbirds accident

A member of the Canadian Forces Snowbirds aerobatic team died, and another was injured, in a crash near Kamloops, British Columbia, on May 17, 2020.
May 17, 2020

Seven red and white jet aircraft fly in formation.

Canadian Forces Snowbirds launch cross-Canada tour

During Operation Inspiration, the Canadian Forces Snowbirds will cross the country to salute Canadians doing their part to fight the spread of COVID-19.
April 29, 2020

Seven aircraft in flight

Canadian Forces Snowbirds return to operations

The Canadian Forces Snowbirds are returning to full operations at their home base of 15 Wing Moose Jaw in Saskatchewan, beginning today, December 6, 2019.
December 6, 2019

Three aircraft in flight.

Canadian Forces Snowbirds jets returning home to Moose Jaw

Ten CT-114 Tutor jets flown by the Canadian Forces Snowbirds are returning home to Moose Jaw from Georgia November 27, 2019. The Snowbirds have been on an operational pause since Snowbird 5 was forced to eject before a show at the Atlanta Speedway on October 13, 2019.
November 27, 2019

CT114071 - Tutor

CT1140071 Tutor - From the investigator

The accident involved a CT114 Tutor aircraft from the Canadian Armed Forces Air Demonstration Team (Snowbirds) enroute to the Atlanta Air Show being held at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton, Georgia. The aircraft was destroyed upon impact and the pilot received minor injuries as a result of the ejection sequence.
October 13, 2019

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