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[On screen text: 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron is home to the CH-147F Chinook helicopter.

Based in Petawawa, Ontario the squadron reports to 1 Wing Kingston.

The CH-147F Chinook is a medium to heavy lift holicopter. It can lift up to 24,000 pounds.

It is used to transport equipment and personnel during domestic or deployed operations, including during disaster relief and for medical evacuations.

Width: 30 m

Height: 6 m

The Chinook can travel approximately 300 km/hr for a distance of 1,100 km on internal fuel.

The first CH-147F Chinook was delivered on June 27, 2013. The versatility, capacity and extended range of the Chinook make it ideal for operating in challenging environments.

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The CH-147F Chinook is an advanced, multi-mission, medium to heavy-lift helicopter. It is used to transport equipment and personnel during domestic or deployed operations. Since its most recent upgrade, the CH-147F has increased its internal fuel capacity, allowing it to fly twice as far as previous models.

These impressive workhorse helicopters are a dramatic improvement to the earlier models of the 1970s and 1980s. They include a full range of leading-edge systems that permit them to operate effectively.

At home, the F-model Chinooks provide logistical and mobility support to the Canadian Army and the Special Operations Forces. They have also been used to support other Government departments, law enforcement agencies and civil authorities.

The Chinook can also provide humanitarian aid and disasters relief. The versatility, capacity and extended range of the Chinook make it ideal for operating in challenging environments.

They have an enhanced self-protection capability, including:

  • advanced anti-missile protection systems
  • radar and laser warning systems
  • ballistic protection
  • self-defence machine guns
  • advanced electro-optical and infra-red sensors


Named OperationsYearLocationHow aircraft was employed
LENTUS 2017 Canada Transported equipment and supplies to assist in flood relief efforts in several regions of Quebec.
NEVUS Annually Canada Transports personnel and supplies to Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, to conduct maintenance of communication sites.
ATHENA 2003-2011 Afghanistan Tactical and transport missions, as part of Canada’s contribution of peace-support and combat forces to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan.


Technical specifications

Technical specifications


15.9 m (fuselage), 30.18 m (rotor tip to rotor tip)

Rotor Span

18.28 m


5.77 m 

Maximum Gross Weight

24,494 kg

Power (engines)

Two Honeywell 55-GA-714A engines, 3,529 kW (4,733 shp)


315 km/hr (at sea level)


1,100+ km operational range with internal fuel


Extended range fuel tanks, laser-based active missile counter-measure system, chaff and flare dispensing system, radar and laser warning system, full armour kit, electro-optic/infra-red sensor, three defensive machine guns (two forward door guns and one on the aft ramp).



Years procured



Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, Ontario



A large helicopter rests on a rock outcropping with armed soldiers walking away from it.

450 Squadron celebrates 50 years of tactical aviation

450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron celebrates 50 years of proud service to Canada and Canadians on March 29, 2018.
March 29, 2018

Post occurrence: Simulated position of Ramp FE

CH147204 Chinook - Epilogue

The flight of occurrence was a night mission to include hover, simulated slung load, dust-ball and pinnacle landing training.
January 24, 2010

CH147204 after the rotor blades have stopped

CH147204 Chinook - Epilogue

Aircraft CH147204 was on a training mission out of Kandahar airfield.  Subsequent to its departure, an aft rotor fixed droop stop was found on the ramp near where CH147204 was previously parked.
January 18, 2009

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