CH-139 Jet Ranger


CH-139 Jet Ranger



Canada’s helicopter pilots wouldn’t get off the ground without the CH-139 Jet Ranger. This single-engine trainer is currently used to help Royal Canadian Air Force helicopter trainees earn their wings.

The Jet Ranger is powered by a gas-turbine engine and can fly at 240 km/h. Originally purchased for training in 1981, today’s Jet Rangers feature air conditioning and upgraded avionics.

Side-by-side pilot seating makes the CH-139 ideal for training. Flight controls and doors are fitted at both positions, making them easily accessible to pilot and trainer alike. The passenger/cargo compartment is located immediately behind the cockpit, providing seating for three passengers or space for cargo.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications


39 feet, 1 inch

Rotor span

33 feet, 4 inches


11 feet, 7 inches

Empty Weight

1,850 lb

Maximum Gross Weight

3,200 lb


Allison 250-C20B


130 knots

Service Ceiling

20,000 feet

Fuel Tank Maximum

63.1 Imperial gallons or 287.7 litres


2 pilots

Quantity in CF




Bell Jet Ranger C-FTHA

Bell 206B3 Jet Ranger C-FTHA - Epilogue

The accident aircraft, a Bell 206B Jet Ranger III helicopter, was on mission NAV 1 of the Phase III pilot training course out of 3 Canadian Forces Flight Training School in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. The helicopter was crewed by a qualified flying instructor and a student pilot.
May 6, 2015

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