CH-124 Sea King


Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Aircraft


CH-124 Sea King



The CH-124 Sea King is a ship borne maritime helicopter with unique capabilities. The aircraft’s compact design boasts a fold-up rotor and tail that help it to fit on even the smallest warship’s deck. Its amphibious hull enables it to conduct an emergency water landing.

The CH-124 is powered by two turboshaft engines and is equipped with subsurface acoustic detection equipment and homing torpedoes. Employing these, the Sea King lifts off from destroyers and frigates to locate and destroy submarines.

Capable of flying in day or night, the CH-124 is a versatile surveillance aircraft. It was procured mainly for anti-submarine warfare (ASW), but has expanded its role since coming into service in 1963. Domestically, Sea Kings contribute to:

  • search and rescue (SAR) operations
  • disaster relief
  • counter-narcotic operations
  • fisheries and pollution patrols

The helicopter also plays a vital role in international peacekeeping operations. It has been heavily committed to the international campaign against terrorism conducting hundreds of missions to transport troops and locate suspicious vessels.

Indeed, the Sea King remains one of the busiest aircraft in Canada’s Air Force. The Sea King is set to be replaced by the CH-148 Cyclone.


Named OperationsYearLocationHow the aircraft was employed
CARIBBE Annually Caribbean Sea, Pacific Ocean Conducts surveillance, resupply and personnel transport missions as part of a multinational effort to stop trafficking.
REASSURANCE 2014-Ongoing Europe Resupplies ships, carries personnel and conducts surveillance missions.
ARTEMIS 2012-Ongoing Middle Eastern waters In support of the Canadian Armed Forces’ mission to help stop terrorism and make Middle Eastern waters more secure, carries supplies and personnel.


Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Aircraft Description 

Although one of the oldest Aircraft in the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Sea King is also one of its busiest. It has seen service in a variety of international and domestic roles in recent years including the Persian Gulf, Somalia, Yugoslavia, East Timor, Manitoba Floods, and Haiti.



Rotor Span



5.8 m

Empty Weight

6,591 kg

Maximum Gross Weight

9,318 kg


Two 1500 SHP General Electric T-58-GE-8F/-100 turboshafts

Maximum Speed

222 km/h

Cruising Speed

167 km/h

Service Ceiling

3,048 m


740 km


Forward Looking Infrared Radar (FLIR), Passive/Active Sonar, Surface Search Radar

Weapons System

Mk 46 Mod V homing torpedoes, self-defence machine gun


2 pilots, 1 navigator, 1 airborne electronic sensor operator

Year(s) procured

1963 to 1969

Struck off strength 2018

Quantity in CF



12 Wing Shearwater, NS
Patricia Bay, BC




Sea Kings to fly again

Rotor Maxx Support Limited, a Canadian-based company, has purchased the remaining fifteen Sea King helicopters and associated spare parts. The company intends on refurbishing the aircraft and remarketing them to eligible customers.
August 14, 2019

On the left, a black and white head-and-shoulders photograph of a man wearing a white uniform with dark epaulets; on the right, a sepia-toned profile photo of a man wearing a dark flight suit and a white helmet with a communications package.

Majors Wally Sweetman and Bob Henderson: “Shining examples of strength and courage”

443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron members mark the 25th anniversary of a crash that claimed the lives of two of their own.
May 15, 2019

A man wearing a military uniform stands behind a lectern, speaking into a microphone.

Honouring the Sea King on “a day like no other”

The Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force bid farewell to the Sea King helicopter during a ceremony held December 1, 2018, in Victoria, B.C. Here are the remarks from the reviewing officer, Lieutenant-General Al Meinzinger, commander of the RCAF
December 7, 2018

Two helicopters fly over tree-covered mountains as a double rainbow shines in the sky.

Final farewell to the Sea King

The Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force bid farewell to the Sea King helicopter, which has provided robust service for 55 years, in a parade held December 1, 2018, in Victoria, B.C.
December 1, 2018

An aviator stands in front of a helicopter giving a thumbs up.

Sea King No. 405 arrives at new home in Trenton

As the Sea Kings’ 55 years of service draw to a close, the first Canadian-made Sea King made its final flight from British Columbia to its new home at the National Air Force Museum of Canada in Trenton, Ontario.
November 30, 2018

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