CC-150 Polaris


CC-150 Polaris



The CC-150 Polaris is a multi-purpose, twin-engine, long-range jet aircraft. It can be used for passenger, freight or medical transport and air-to-air refueling. The Polaris can reach a speed of up to 1029 km/h carrying a load of up to 32,000 kilograms. It can carry up to 194 passengers, depending on the particular aircraft tail number and configuration.

All five CC-150 Polaris aircraft are stationed at 8 Wing Trenton, Ontario. During its years in service, the Polaris fleet has transported vast amounts of supplies to Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel deployed on missions all over the globe.

As part of the Air Force Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) program, two CC-150 Polaris aircraft have been converted to strategic air-to-air refuellers for Canada’s fleet of CF-18 Hornets. The Polaris MRTT is capable of transferring 36,000 kilograms of fuel to receiving aircraft over a journey of 4,630 kilometres. One Polaris tanker can ferry a flight of four CF-18 Hornets non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean.

The CC-150 Polaris can also be used to transport high-ranking government officials and foreign dignitaries. The aircraft has carried the Prime Minister, the Governor General and members of the Royal Family across Canada and around the world.

In 2014, the CC-150 transported Canadian soldiers to eastern and central Europe as part of Operation REASSURANCE.


Named OperationsYearLocationHow the aircraft was employed
IMPACT 2014-2019 Iraq, Syria Contributes to the Canadian Armed Forces’ support to the Global Coalition against Daesh in Iraq and Syria.
PROVISION 2015-2016

Canada, Middle East

Transported personnel and refugees to Canada, provided support to the Government of Canada’s initiative to resettle Syrian refugees.
NANOOK Annually Canada Transports supplies and equipment, as part of sovereignty operations conducted in Canada’s North.


Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Aircraft Description

A multi-purpose, twin-engine, long-range jet aircraft that can be converted for passenger, freight or medical transport, or a combination of these configurations. Can also be configured to carry VIP passengers or be fitted as a tanker for strategic air-to air refuelling. The Polaris can reach a speed of Mach 0.84 (1029 km/h) carrying 194 passengers or a load of 32,000 kg.


46.66m (153 ft)


43.9m (144 ft)


15.8m (51.8 ft)

Empty Weight

80,000 kg (176, 400 lbs)

Maximum Gross Weight

157,000 kg (346, 200 lbs)


Two GE CF6-80C2A2 jet engines


Normal Cruise: Mach 0.80 (990 km/h),Max: Mach 0.84 (1029 km/h)

Service Ceiling

12,497 m (41,000 ft)


9,600 km (5,965 mi)



Quantity in CF


Year(s) Procured

1992 to 1993


8 Wing Trenton, ON



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CC-150 Polaris returns to Canada after participating in Operation Impact

An RCAF CC-150 Polaris air-to-air refuelling aircraft, crew, and support personnel from 437 Transport Squadron returned to Canada from Operation Impact on January 28, 2019.
January 28, 2019

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Contract awarded for in-service support of CC-150 Polaris fleet

In support of this, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Infrastructure and Communities Marco Mendicino and Member of Parliament for Bay of Quinte Neil Ellis announced, on behalf of Defence Minister Harjit S. Sajjan and Public Services and Procurement and Accessibility Minister Carla Qualtrough, a five-year contract extension for the continued maintenance of the Royal Canadian Air Force’s fleet of five CC-150 Polaris aircraft.
December 7, 2018

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