Welcome to the Royal Canadian Air Force

The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) is a part of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces. It defends and protects Canadian and North American airspace in partnership with the United States. The RCAF also contributes to international peace and security.

Services and information

RCAF jobs

Browse jobs with the RCAF. Find out about career options, pay and benefits. Talk to an advisor near you.

Military operations and exercises

RCAF operations and exercises that take place in Canada and around the world.

Showcasing the RCAF

Upcoming events put on by the Snowbirds, the CF-18 Demo Team and RCAF bands.

Wings and squadrons

RCAF wings and squadrons across Canada.

Training and schools

The RCAF’s schools and operational training units.


The RCAF’s fleet of aircraft including fighter jets, helicopters and training aircraft.


View RCAF videos, images, logos, insignias, posters and calendars.


Learn about the history of the RCAF.

Corporate Information


You're not alone Mental Health resources for CAF members and families.

How the RCAF Family Support Team reaches out to CAF members and their families to hear their concerns.

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