412 Transport Squadron

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Significance: The falcon is indigenous to all parts of Canada. Known for its skill and aggressiveness in dealing with its enemies, it has been used for hunting from an early date in history.

412 Transport Squadron is based in Ottawa but belongs to 8 Wing Trenton. It provides high-ranking government officials and foreign dignitaries with VIP air transportation worldwide.

The Squadron currently operates six Bombardier CC-144 Challengers. To accomplish this task it employs 18 pilots, 8 flight stewards and 8 civilians. Last year, the Squadron flew a total of 2,825 hours.

Transport Canada has been working with the squadron since the closure of Canadian Forces Base Ottawa in October of 1994 when it assumed responsibility for the maintenance of the six CC-144 Challengers. The relationship has since evolved and matured. The result is a more economical, efficient and effective Administrative Flight Service.




The complete squadron history can be found on the Deparment of National Defence's Directorate of History and Heritage webpage.

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412 Transport Squadron
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