2 Canadian Air Division

2 Canadian Air Division Badge


Argent two torches in saltire Sable enflamed proper surmounted by an eagle volant affronté, the head to the dexter Or;


CUSTOS SCIENTIAE “Guardian of knowledge”.

2 Canadian Air Division (2 CAD) is the foundation for Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) training and education, and ensures continuity throughout the RCAF training continuum.   

The Commander of 2 CAD is accountable to the Commander of the RCAF and provides:

  • Oversight of RCAF individual education and training, including ab-initio training for most RCAF occupations,
  • Oversight of core RCAF developmental courses, and
  • Support to the overall RCAF training management. 

2 CAD ensures this training and support is constantly reviewed and modernized to meet the needs of the RCAF’s operational communities so they in turn can provide the Canadian Armed Forces with relevant, responsive and effective air power to meet the defence challenges of today and into the future.    

The formations under the Commander of 2 CAD include 15 Wing Moose Jaw, 16 Wing Borden and 17 Wing Winnipeg. In addition, the Canadian Forces Aircrew Selection Centre located in Trenton, ON also reports directly to the Commander of 2 CAD. 

2 CAD reached initial operational capability in the summer of 2009, and entered into steady state operations in summer 2010. The generation of forces for immediate operational employment, including operational training unit/flight oversight and collective training, remains the purview of Commander 1 Canadian Air Division.


2 CAD generates and develops personnel as Training Authority for the RCAF.


2 CAD delivers advanced aerospace knowledge and leading edge training through a responsive, innovative and effect based methodology to achieve maximum training effectiveness for the RCAF.