15 Wing Chief Warrant Officer

Chief Warrant Officer Michel Blain

Chief Warrant Officer Michel Blain

Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Michel Blain was born in Ottawa, ON and joined the Canadian Armed Forces on November 4th, 1982 as an Administration Clerk.

After his Basic Military Qualification, he was posted to Ottawa and worked in the Canadian Forces Support Unit. In September 1987 he was posted to Lauzon, QC where he was employed as the Chief Clerk at the MIL Davis shipyard that was then building the new Frigates. In August 1989, he was posted to 5 Service Battalion (5 Svc Bn) in Valcartier Quebec and was later deployed to Montreal for the OKA crisis. In July 1991, he was posted to Baden-Baden, Germany where he was employed as the Base Personnel Selection Office Clerk. He was also part of the closing team for Baden-Baden in 1993.

In November 1993, he was posted to 10 Tactical Air Group (10 TAG) Headquarters (HQ) Montreal as the Chief Clerk. He was once again a part of another closure, this time of 10 TAG Montreal and its relocation to Kingston as 1 Wing HQ. He was employed there as Chief Clerk till June 1998. On his promotion to Warrant Officer (WO) in July 1998, he was posted to 1 Division HQ Kingston as the J1 Fin 2/Chief Clerk. In Dec 1999, he deployed with the Division to Ottawa on Operation (OP) ABACUS (Y2K).

In July 2000, he was posted to Canadian Defence Liaison Staff Washington, DC, USA as the J1 Fin 2. He was in Washington during the attack on the Pentagon. In July 2004, he was posted to Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) Materiel (Mat) Director Materiel Group Human Resources as the Budget Manager/Chief Clerk at National Defence HQ (NDHQ) in Ottawa. On promotion to Master Warrant Officer (MWO) in June 2005, he was posted to NDHQ/DMIL 6 as the Master Corporal/master seaman (MCp/MS) career manager. In August 2008, he was promoted to Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) as was posted as the 1 Canadian Air Division (1 CAD) HQ Comptroller CWO in Winnipeg.

In August 2010, he was posted to Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) Finance and Corporate Services (Fin CS) as the Group CWO and the RMS Trade Assistant Co-Adviser. In July 2011 he was posted to Kabul Afghanistan as the RSM of the Canadian Contingent at Camp Eggers and was also the CSM for the Afghan National Police Training Group. Following this one year deployment, CWO Blain was posted in September 2012 to the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC) in Kingston, ON on the non-commission member professional development program for one year where he received his certificate of military studies.

In August 2013, CWO Blain was posted to the Chief of Defence Staff under the Canadian Forces (CF) CWO working on the succession planning review.  In May 2014, CWO Blain was posted to 15 Wing Moose Jaw as the Wing CWO.

CWO Blain has a Marketing degree from Algonquin College, a Certificate of Administration from University of Quebec and a Certificate of Military Studies from the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC).